CEO Diversity World Alena Topcheeva conducted a teambuilding training for the representatives of ALDI and ROSEVROBANK

As business becomes increasingly global, the issue of effective interaction within international teams comes to the fore. Many joint projects looked promising in the planning stage, with new and wider scale of business, new investment, and new international experience. However, the various local “quirks” often became the stumbling block in the way of business development. The varying cultural and business “rules of the game” gave rise to personal conflicts, to low morale in the team, to criticism of the work style practiced by someone from a different culture. To preempt this kind of development, co-workers should be able to understand each other and interact effectively as a single team.


Cross-cultural team building has proved to be the right answer to that challenge. People get to know each other better, on the one hand, and learn about cultural variance and the possible outcome of a cross-cultural conflict, on the other. Working with cases from business practice of international companies helps to deter conflicts in the team.