As business becomes increasingly global, the issue of effective interaction within international teams comes to the fore. Many joint projects looked promising in the planning stage, with new and wider scale of business, new investment, and new international experience. However, the various local “quirks” often became the stumbling block in the way of business development.

Training on stress management and a Health Days presentation were held for LAFARGE CEMENT personnel in Moscow and Voskresensk.

At international industrial companies, stress often arises from conflicts between “us” and “them”, which may have to do with a distrust of foreign management, lack of clear step-by-step procedures for technological processes, and disparity between expectations and reality.

I lost my way in a strange city, there are people next to me who might help, but I don’t speak the language, can’t hail a taxi or ask for directions. It’s cold and there’s just a light jacket on me which doesn’t give much of a protection. Fingers and ears are getting cold. I am looking for some place warm. Here’s what seems like a restaurant, but I’m not sure, can’t read the sign. I go in and it’s some sort of a café – with greasy sticky tables, fishy-looking patrons in strange clothes, and pieces of stale bread on the counter.

This may look like a scene from a horror movie, and the vampires are just about to show up. However, this is what actually happened to one of my Clients in a small Russian town. What the person experienced was an intensive culture shock. In a new environment, no foreigner can escape a culture shock of this or that degree of intensity.

International training project for LUXOFT took off in December 2013

Over 300 company staffers took part in the training programme “Cross-cultural communication in international business”. The participants tackled the challenge of effective communication with partners and colleagues from different countries.The challenge is built into the impressive geography of LUXOFT business which includes India, Russia, Ukraine, USA, UK, France, South Korea, Japan, Bulgaria, Romania and other countries.