The first time Expat in Russia (post-arrival course)

The purpose of the program is to help the participants to adapt quickly to a new cultural environment and reduce the possible cultural shock.

Following the program, the participants will be able to:

  • Acquire self-confidence and feel at ease in the new country.
  • Maintain the lifestyle they have got used to.
  • Avert stress arising from cross-cultural shock. See more in “Cross-Cultural Shock, the Russian Way”.

The program will fit you perfectly if your specific case is as follows:

  • You recently moved to Russia and will stay, live and work in this country for several months (or years).
  • You have been living and working in Russia for some time, but this country is still an enigma for you.
  • You live or work in Russia, but do not feel at ease, the country is somewhat stressful and frustrating.
  • You live and work in Russia, but feel that your work might be much more productive without the constant distractions of the daily living tasks.
  • You have got used to your own lifestyle back in your home country, so let us preserve it while in Russia.


First Time Expat in Russia program comes in two versions.


Version 1. First-Time-Expat-in-Russia Lite


Level: EXPAT 
more on the LEVELS HERE

Time length: 8 to 9 hours

Price: please call

Format: in-house / live

Number of participants: 1 to 8


In the program:

Initial diagnostic. Each participants gets a questionnaire, the answers used to customize training to the audience needs.



The exciting Russian travel starts with the interactive ‘theoretical’ part, EXPAT IN RUSSIA.

You will learn how cross-cultural differences can become the stumbling blocks to foreigners in Russia and why cultural shock should be avoided. A brief test will help to identify PERSONAL challenges one may run into while in Russia; these may differ depending on the country of origin – a British person’s problems in Russia are very different from those of a Japanese person. You learn to find your way out of the most complex cross-cultural pitfalls, based on real-life cases from fellow expats.


Section 2. Feel Home Away From Home

You have learned all about the cross-cultural traps and would now like to handle the daily living tasks.

Welcome to Section 2 of the programme, Feel Home Away From Home. How to maintain your usual lifestyle, where to find the unique only-in-Russia things, having fun on weekends, where and how to order a nice dinner, and all other how-to’s including the daily living routine.

Basically, Feel Home Away From Home is a cross-cultural Lego, which the participants put together themselves (more than 50 topics and subjects to choose from).



You are on a tour of Moscow, Kaluga, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities. You do not just inspect the places of interest, but also learn shopping and much more. Each participant gets illustrated material to use in future.

For some refreshment after the tour, we proceed to a restaurant majoring in Russian cuisine to sample the most popular Russian dishes. Priyatnovo Appetita!, as they say in Russia.

Version 2. First-Time-Expat-in-Russia Master 
First-Time-Expat-in-Russia Lite + ADDITIONALLY , YOU GET RUSSIAN INTENSIVE COURSEThe 32 hours (2 months) of learning include 5 practical lessons per week.

1 – in-house with the trainer

1 – online with the trainer

2 – self-learning based on individual plan