Connect Culture - cross-cultural and language trainings in Poland
Rather than limit Your success to one country...act globally.

"ConnectCulture is a company we have established for the dissemination and teaching of Intercultural Competence. These factors both play decisive roles in any kind of international relations. We enable the effective functioning of these two factors, whose curiosity, courage and ambition opens the door to exciting possibilities of work international cooperation. We believe such people are the future of the global economy, regardless of whether they work in an international company, institution, or carry out a global project»

HR Center TSM - recruitment services, executive Search projects, comprehensive market research

"For already more than 5 years we are building our work basing on two fundamental approaches: Respect and Partnership, turning these words into action on a daily basis.  Respect and Partnership in building up the team of our company, in building up relations with our clients.

Our success is confirmed through recognition of our work by the largest Russian and western companies.

We constantly aspire to create something new-brand for our clients, providing stability in questions of staff recruitment and
immediate solutions for assigned tasks"

EUROHOME - relocation services worldwide

"The people at Eurohome make the difference. By taking a proactive approach and having the right skills, they take care of the expat through the entire relocation process.
Their feeling for quality comes from the heart and forms the basis for a smooth relocation process, with an eye for detail and accuracy. Eurohome in a nutshell:

  • Has been active in the relocation market for more than 20 years.
  • Has branch offices in Russia and the Czech Republic.
  • Operates globally with carefully selected partners.
  • Serves the corporate accounts market with an extensive team of fully employed, multilingual, experienced specialists.
  • Is part of the Voerman Group of companies.
  • Is a preferred partner for many international relocation management companies.
  • Is a member of leading international relocation networks, such as ERC (Employee Relocation Council) and EuRA  (European Relocation Association)»

CULTURAL DETECTIVE - cross-cultural trainings

Welcome to Cultural Detective®, a dynamic tool system that develops invaluable competence in individuals and organizations. The project is a collaboration among dozens of acclaimed intercultural experts worldwide. The Cultural Detective® system enables your organization and your leaders to meet the high-performance demands of an increasingly global and interconnected economy.

Richard Lewis Communications - cross-cultural trainings and coaching

«We enable individuals and their organisations to communicate successfully across cultures in order to achieve sustainable improvements in performance.
Richard Lewis Communications is a hands-on organisation with over 350 employees and consultants around the world. Drawing on experience in the field of international training gained since 1955, we have worked with the HR & Training departments of more than 800 multinationals from over 60 countries"