Team building and conflict management in a cross-cultural environment

Objective: build effective interaction within the international team, avert conflicts
Format: 2 days 10:00 to 17:00
Audience: recommended for senior and mid-level managers who would like to enhance their strategies of running multi-cultural teams of international companies in Russia.

The programme:

Section 1

What is culture. Types of cultures. Cross-cultural lens. Sources of conflict in a cross-cultural environment. Cross-cultural disagreements in international business and their consequences.

Putting up individual cultural profile (test).

Section 2

International business communication: the basic interaction models; based on the cultural specifics of participants’ home countries. Processing of information. Relationship with time. Status, hierarchy and their impact on communication. Key values of business communication and their influence on interaction results; case studies. Comparison between individual communication strategy, cultural profile and the basic model. Identifying areas of miscommunication, removing communication gaps.

Section 3

Leadership in cross-cultural environment. The four basic management function in international business. Building effective cross-cultural team. Strategies for effective decision-making. Personnel motivation in cross-cultural team management. Strategies for dealing with the typical issues and communication gaps in a cross-cultural team.