Russian Insights (pre-departure course)

The purpose of the program is to introduce the participants to living and working in Russia and have them prepared to move to Russia
As the results of the program the participants:
  •  will learn how to preserve, in the new cultural environment, the LIFESTYLE THEY HAVE GOT USED TO;
  • will be able to avoid an intense cultural shock and will be prepared to cope with unexpected situations;
  • will adapt quickly to the new environment and focus on important work tasks.

RUSSIAN INSIGHTS program has two versions:


The TOURIST level - please see HERE for more details

Time length: 2 hours

Format: ONLINE

Number of participants: 1

In the program:

Section 1 - Russian Navigator

In this section, you will learn more about the specifics of living in Russia. The study material is selected based on the specific region of the country you are moving to or the one you would like to learn more about. You will also come to know the typical challenges foreigners run into in Russia and learn how to deal with them. The interactive format of the program as well as some selected video footage from the streets of Russian cities will allow you to immerse into that country without leaving yours.

Section 2 - Pack Up & Go

In this section, you will know all the minute details of a Russian trip and our experts will accompany you on your route while in Russia. If, for example, you are an athlete and are concerned that your workout schedule will break apart, temporarily, we will offer you some local alternatives. If you have got used to a certain food and would like to stay on a diet, you will learn more about Russian cuisine and places to eat out and get a taste of local food while maintaining a healthy diet.

Section 3 - These Strange Russians: How to Work and Live with Them

In this section, you will be introduced to the specific traits of the Russian national character. Based on actual business cases from international companies in Russia, you will acquire effective strategies of communicating with local personnel, clients and partners from the various Russian regions.

1 person - 400 EURO                                                       
2 people - 600 EURO
3 people - 800 EURO
4 people - 1000 EURO + 1 participant FREE

Маx. amount of people - 5 

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During the 12 hours, you will:

  • read any Russian street signs
  • perform the regular daily tasks such as shopping in a grocery store, making an order in the restaurant, booking a taxi.
You also get:
  • a brief survival guide with the most important and useful phrases for the various situations one may run into while in Russia;
  • 15 video lessons, Russia in Your Pocket course.


1 person - 550 EURO                                                         
2 people - 1000 EURO
3 people - 1200 EURO
4 people - 1400 EURO + 1 participant FREE

Маx. amount of people - 5

If you want to order this course, write to us here: